One python test case is wrong

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    Input:	1534236469
    Output:	9646324351
    Expected:	0

    This is for int 32.

    However, python's size limit is much bigger


    note that if you're using a 32-bit Python runtime, sys.maxint will return 2^31 - 1, However, Python will jump to 64-bit seamlessly with the long datatype.

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    It's correct as it is described.

    In your code you have assume the max int is 2^31 - 1 and then handle it when the value exceeds the limit.

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    this does not make sense:)

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    thanks for the pointer - that was the test I was failing on too . I changed the sysmax and used it as a check before returning. It works now .

    new_sysmax = int(math.pow(2,31)-1)

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    maybe this problem is just not designed for a Python user...

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