This code passed on my local machine but not here

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    This code can passed on my local computer but it got run time error on here.
    This wrong case is :
    Input: [1,2] [1,2]
    Runtime error

    struct TreeNode {
    int val;
    struct TreeNode *left;
    struct TreeNode *right;

    int pre_index=0;
    struct TreeNode *buildTreeR(int preorder, int inorder, int n,int in_s , int in_e) {
    int i,in_index=0;
    if(in_s > in_e) return NULL;
    struct TreeNode
    root = (struct TreeNode )malloc(sizeof (struct TreeNode));
    printf("root->val = %d in_s=%d in_e=%d\n",root->val,in_s,in_e);
    if(in_s == in_e) return root;
    for(i = in_s; i <= in_e; i++){
    (inorder+i) == root->val){
    printf("root->val = %d in_index=%d in_s=%d in_e=%d\n",root->val,in_index,in_s,in_e);
    return root;
    struct TreeNode *buildTree(int *preorder, int *inorder, int n) {
    if(n == 0) return NULL;
    return buildTreeR(preorder,inorder,n,0,n-1);

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