C++ solution with bitset

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    class Solution {
        uint32_t reverseBits(uint32_t n) {
            const int size = 32;
            bitset<size> bSet(n);
            for(int i=0; i < size/2; i++){
                int temp = bSet[i];
                bSet[i] = bSet[size - i - 1];
                bSet[size - i -1] = temp;
            return (uint32_t) bSet.to_ulong();

    I am using bitset.

    1. construct bitset from uint32_t
    2. use to_ulong to convert bitset to ulong then casting to uint32_t.

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    I'm using bitset as well as std::string, std::reverse - how to determine which level of "hand-making" should be achieved?

    uint32_t reverseBits(uint32_t n) { //10-12ms
       bitset<32> bits(n);
       string s = bits.to_string();
       std::reverse(s.begin(), s.end());
       return bitset<32>(s).to_ulong();

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