Reverse each word within a string

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    Question : Reverse each word within a string


    class Solution {
        public String reverseWords(String s) {
            String revofs= new String();
            String output= new String();
            if(s.equals("") || s.equals(" ") || s.equals(null))
                return "";
            for(int i=s.length()-1; i>=0;i--){
            String[] words=revofs.split("\\s");
            for(int i=words.length-1; i>=0;i--){
                if (i==words.length-1)
                    output+=" " + words[i];
            return output;
    The above code is O(n) and the solution of the editors is also O(n). But I get the error that the time limit is exceeded. Any idea as to why this is happening?

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