Python: why my IDE output correct while OJ output wrong?

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    Here is the code:

    def wordBreak(self, s, dict):
        d = [False] * len(s)
        for w in dict:
            for i in range(len(s)):
                if w==s[i-len(w)+1:i+1] and (d[i-len(w)] or i-len(w)==-1):
                    d[i] = True
        return d[-1]

    And the error message:

    Input: "dogs", ["dog","s","gs"]
    Output: false
    Expected: true

    But when I test in my own IDE, it outputs True.
    I just want to know why the answers are different?
    Can anyone help to give me some hints?

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    I encountered the same issue today. I also do not know what happened to OJ. Do you have any ideas yet?

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