Accepted c dp solution with an extra recursive solution

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    basic idea is about think reversely. when I need to reach step n,I may come from n-1 or we got a formula, f(n) = f(n-1) + f(n-2). which is the Fibonacci Sequence.

    int climbStairs(int n) {
    	if(n<=2) return n;
    	int p1=2;
    	int p2=1;
    	int s =3;
    	while( s<=n ){
    		int t = p1;
    		p1 += p2;
    		p2 = t;
    	return p1;

    the way of dp is about current result is base on the result of last 2 steps.
    but we use recursion to solve Fibonacci Sequence like problems more commonly.

    int climbStairsR(int n) {
    	if(n<=2) return n;
    	int res = climbStairsR(n-1) +
    	return res;

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