Java 6ms DP solution: get the max total score for first-in-action player

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    The method getFirstMax returns for each particular input (each subarray, delimited by start and end), the maximum possible total score that the first-in-action player can acquire. This is a set value for each particular input/subarray.

    First, the code:

    class Solution {
        public boolean PredictTheWinner(int[] nums) {
            int[][] memo = new int[nums.length][nums.length];
            int sum = 0;
            for (int i : nums)
                sum += i;
            return 2 * getFirstMax(nums, sum, 0, nums.length - 1, memo) >= sum;
        public int getFirstMax(int[] nums, int sum, int start, int end, int[][] memo) {
            if (memo[start][end] > 0)
                return memo[start][end];
            if (start == end)
                return nums[start];
            int res = 0;
            int takeHead = sum - getFirstMax(nums, sum - nums[start], start + 1, end, memo);
            int takeTail = sum - getFirstMax(nums, sum - nums[end], start, end - 1, memo);
            res = Math.max(takeHead, takeTail);
            memo[start][end] = res;
            return res;

    At first I tried to solve this with a recursive method that returns boolean which denotes canWin as in most game problems. But I later realized that I have to get a little more numerical for this problem. I decided to design the recursive return value as the maximum possible score available as above, and with memoization added, the solution is done.

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