Easy to understand C# AC (with explanation)

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    The number of ways of reaching the last step from the previously taken step would be from either (n-1)th step or (n-2)th step. So the total number of ways of reaching the top would be the sum of number of ways of reaching (n-1) and (n-2)th step.
    So the recursive version of this would be:

    public int ClimbStairs(int n) {
               return 0;      \\base case
            else if(n == 0)
               return 1;
            return ClimbStairs(n-1) + ClimbStairs(n-2);

    Converting it into a DP solution:

        public int ClimbStairs(int n) {
            int[] dp = new int[n+1];
            dp[0] = 1;
            dp[1] = 1;
            for(int i=2;i<=n;i++){
                dp[i] = dp[i-1] + dp[i-2];
            return dp[n];

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