C++ solution with using transform template funtion

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    class Solution {
    bool detectCapitalUse(string word) {
            string allC, firstC, allt;
            transform(word.begin(), word.end(), back_inserter(allC), ::toupper); 
            transform(word.begin()+1, word.end(), back_inserter(firstC), ::tolower);
            firstC = word[0]+firstC;
            transform(word.begin(), word.end(), back_inserter(allt), ::tolower);
            if(word == allC || word ==  firstC || word == allt)
                return true;
            return false;

    Using transform template funtion to transform letter in string , it will get new word. And we compare it with oringinal word.But the runtime is 12 ms. How to further reduce the time complexity?

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