C input for Path Sum II

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    I am trying to solve the Path Sum II problem in C and the function is given as follows

     * Return an array of int arrays of size *returnSize.
     * The sizes of the int arrays are returned in *columnSizes.
    int **pathSum(int candidates[], int n, int target, int *columnSizes, int *returnSize) {

    My question is the tree expected to be stored as for a node at index i left child at 2i and right child at 2i+1,
    also what is the value for NULL in the candidate ?


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    I have the same question with you, Dose anyone know how the bi tree is stored and how to determine a node is a leaf node?

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    I assume the C code of this problem needs rewriting or detailed comments as I even do not see where the tree root is given. An arbitrary binary tree is not supposed to be stored in candidates as it is not necessarily a heap or perfect tree, where eh 2i and 2i+1 formula applies.

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    but...R U ac?

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