My python solution with unit test.

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    when I submit my code to judge. sometimes my solution isn't ok. And OJ will give me a test case. how do i run all test cases before submit my solution. here is a simple and easy way use the python unittest.

    import unittest
    class Solution:
    	# @param A, a list of integer
        # @return an integer
    	def evalRPN(self, tokens):
    		opStack = []
    		for token in tokens:
    			if token in ['+', '-', '*', '/']:
    				op1 = (opStack.pop())
    				op2 = (opStack.pop())
    				if token is '+':
    					op2 += op1
    				elif token is '-':
    					op2 -= op1
    				elif token is '*':
    					op2 *= op1
    				elif token is '/': 
    					op2 = int(op2*1.0/op1)
    		return opStack[0]
    class SolutionUnitTest(unittest.TestCase):
    	"""docstring for SolutionUnitTest"""
    	def setup(self):
    	def tearDown(self):
    	def testsingleNumber(self):
    		# data = [0,1,3,2]
    		s = Solution()
    		self.assertEqual(s.evalRPN(["2", "1", "+", "3", "*"]), 9)
    		self.assertEqual(s.evalRPN(["4", "13", "5", "/", "+"]), 6)
    		self.assertEqual(s.evalRPN(["10","6","9","3","+","-11","*","/","*","17","+","5","+"]), 22)
    if __name__ == '__main__':

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