C++ Postorder traversal

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    class Solution {
        bool checkEqualTree(TreeNode* root) {
            if(root == nullptr) return false;
            if((root->left == nullptr) && (root->right == nullptr)) return false;
            unordered_map<TreeNode*, long long int> treeSums;
            long long int totalSum = sumTree(root, treeSums);
            if(totalSum%2 == 1LL) return false;
            bool canPartition = false;
            preorder(root, treeSums, totalSum, canPartition);
            return canPartition;
        void preorder(TreeNode* r, unordered_map<TreeNode*, long long int> &treeSums, const long long int totalSum, bool &canPartition){
            if(r == nullptr || canPartition) return ;
            if(totalSum ==  2*treeSums[r]) canPartition = true;
            preorder(r->left, treeSums, totalSum, canPartition);
            preorder(r->right, treeSums, totalSum, canPartition);
        long long int sumTree(TreeNode* r, unordered_map<TreeNode*, long long int> &treeSums){
            if(r == nullptr) return 0LL;
            treeSums[r] = sumTree(r->left, treeSums) + sumTree(r->right, treeSums) + r->val; 
            return treeSums[r];

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