Count and Say - The Pythonic way

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    As n does not get very big, we can derive the n-th solution from the previous ones iteratively.

    Python has the well-known groupby() function in the itertools module which is ideal to solve problems like this.

    The grouping produced by groupby() on the string '11211222' is

    [print(k, list(g)) for k, g in itertools.groupby('11211222')]
    >>> 1 ['1', '1']
    >>> 2 ['2']
    >>> 1 ['1', '1']
    >>> 2 ['2', '2', '2']

    You could then use this results to derive the next sequence, with something similar to

    ''.join([str(len(list(g))) + k for k, g in itertools.groupby(s)])

    which concatenates the length of the group (the number of repetitions of the digit) and the digit itself for each group returned by groupby().

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