• RE: Design a build system

    Could you please add more information and context to your question?

    For example, what does the build system have to support?

    • Only the compilation of source files? Or also dependency management? Or continuous integration (like Jenkins)?

    • Only a particular language or it has to support many languages / platforms? For example, Ant is a popular build system for Java. And of course there is Bazel which is powerful and supports many languages and platforms.

    • Used by how many developers? Does it need to be distributed?

    • How about dependency management? Assuming there are some way to specify explicit dependencies and the build system is able to identify which resources that need to be rebuild upon a change of some components (i.e., via a DAG).

    Feel free to add more if there's something that I missed.

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  • RE: Split BST

    Time Complexity: O(N), where N is the number of nodes in the input tree, as each node is checked once.

    You could also say O(height), right? Your "each node is checked once" sounds so absolute, like that's always the case, not just in worst cases.

    And hmm... the Python specification says rtype: List[TreeNode] and I always understood that as list. But you don't return a list but a tuple. Does "List" mean "any kind of list", not just list, and does tuple count as "List"? That would at least be non-standard terminology.

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